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Cast Basalt

Cast Basalt is a Product manufactured by melting & reshaping of natural rock. This is used as liner to produce abrasion resistance pipes, bends, tiles etc.


Cast Basalt Pipe

Tee & Y Pieces

Basalt lined parts are abrasion resistance, chemical resistance; does not absorb liquid & has good compressive strength.

Cast basalt, i. e. products of this material, are castings produced by melting, reshaping and cooling of suitable natural rocks, especially olivine basalts. Under this marking a wide assortment of tiles (including anti-sliding ones), pipes (inserts), adapting pipes and other special castings is produced. These products are distinguished for their high abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, they are not liquid-absorbing and they have considerable compression strength.

Basalt Lined Pipes are very suitable for hydraulic transport of very abrasive materials and sludge. Pneumatic transport in heating and power plants, mines, transport of various abrasive or chemical materials etc.

Special basalt cast pieces – bends, branches, T-pieces, Y-pieces, jets, cyclones etc. – replaced the components from high-alloy steels and multiplied the equipment lifetime by five to twenty years.

Basic properties
Mohs hardness min. degree 8
Volume mass 2900 - 3000 kg.m³
Water absorption 0 %
Compression strength min. 300 - 450 MPa
Bending strength min. 45 MPa
Chemical Compositions of Cast Basalt:
SiO2 43%-47%
Al2O3 11%-13.5%
CaO 10%-12.5%
MgO 9.5%-12.5%
FeO3 11%-15%

Cast Basalt Bend

Reducer Lined Y Piece

Cast Basalt Lined Bend

Cast Basalt Lined Tee Piece

Cast Basalt Lined pipes

Cast Basalt Lined Y Piece

Cast Basalt Lined Pipe Sectional View


Ceramics have played a prominent role in the progress of human beings.

Ceramics are inorganic, non-metallic materials characteristically crystalline in nature. They are compounds formed between metallic and non-metallic elements. Employment of heat upon processed clays and other natural raw materials produces rigid ceramic products.

The properties of ceramic material can be stated by the kind of atoms present, the sort of bonding and the means of packing and the microstructure of the material. Due to its wide range of properties, it finds mass applications.

Industrial ceramics plays an important part in several manufacturing process that demand heat and electricity. Dense Sintered Alumina Products have exceptional, Wear Resistant & Corrosion Resistant properties.

We provides reliable and consistent solutions for sliding abrasion, erosion or corrosion that occurs in material handling, High resistant properties and tremendous durability are grounds to be used successfully in refractory.

Our wear resistant ceramic save money by giving extended equipment life, lowering maintenance costs and by reducing downtime. The Ceramic Lined Equipment are resistant to Abrasion and has the bonding strength at the interface between the the steel pipe and ceramic layer.


Technical Data Ceramic Tiles
Alumina content Min 85%
Density 3.3-3.7 gm\cc
Compressive strength Min 4500 kg/sq.cm
Flexural strength Min 2200 kg/sq.cm
Hardness on mohs scale 9 mohs
Water absorption Nil
Coefficient of thermal expansion <8.1x10-6
Abrasion test loss 0.1 gms.
Jet erosion test 12 min as per BS 1902
Maximum Temperature 1000 deg C

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